Wednesday, March 4

Movin' on Down

You never ever want me in charge of your moving day. Unless you are like me and are very meticulous about it. Not anal, meticulous.

I like to have everything set and ready for when the clock strikes moving time. By that, I mean, everything in its box or vessel. Furniture prepped for moving - drawers out of desks and dressers. Wall art off the walls. And so forth.

The move itself never takes all day with me. Oh heck no. I like to get it down and over with. I see no need to be living out of boxes for weeks.

Yeah, I don't mess around when it comes to moving day. Like some people. I will agree that helping someone move is the worst favor ever. At least for me it is. I cannot stand helping unorganized people move. It makes my skin crawl. You ask me to help you move - at the very least you could have the posters off the wall and ready to go.

Moving day does not begin when the U-haul arrives. Moving day starts a week earlier. No exceptions.

It's moving day around here, did you guess?

We're moving three floors down, into a two bedroom. Reasons being, it's cheaper and it's a two bedroom.

I know, in what world is a two bedroom apartment cheaper than a one? Uptown, Dallas, Texas.

Where we are now - on the 8th floor, we are privy to what I think is one of the best views ever in this neighborhood. I can see three bars, one of my favorite restaurants, the other one, Jessica Simpson frequents and a whole lot of business buildings that light up the night sky so well. Also in this view is a wedding venue that includes a fireworks display at the end of a wedding evening. So, about twice a month, we get a fireworks show. It may sound cheesey but it is so awesome.

Where we are going - on the 5th floor, we will have the pleasant view of the Walgreen's rooftop. Yippee. Around here you get what you pay for. Also, the two bedroom is smaller square footage. Apparently, we live in the second to largest one bedroom floorplan offered. I'll admit, our living room area is way larger than some people's living rooms of houses.

That's all. We're moving. If I'm absent for a bit it's because the internet is not set up yet or Cowboy has killed me for acting like a drill sergeant on moving day.


littlebrownie said...


Beth said...

good luck on "movin on down"...

Bev said...

Shouldn't he be used to drill sergeants?

You can be in charge of my move any day. X is a horrible mover, with a capital H. Just horrible. I can't go into detail or I will become enraged from the memories.

A said...

Well, at least it's an extra bedroom??

Nanette said...

I hope your move went smoothly!

emertron said...

Oh man. FINALLY someone who moves like me. I have everything that is not essential packed away at least a week (usually 2) before the moving date.