Tuesday, March 10

Life on the Fifth Floor

Our move was a lot more fun than I anticipated. We had a plan where CR1 would come over and help Cowboy move the heavy items while I leapt up and down, moving smaller items.

Per usual, CR1 managed to make me go, WTF?!?!

He brought some girl that he's been dating for three weeks for us to meet! Who brings a girl for your friends to meet while you're moving? Who does that? To top it off, they both came in "date night" attire and a bottle of wine. What really did it in for me was CR1 was genuinely shocked to find out that we had already packed our wine glasses and wine bottle opener.
Yeah, it's a move, jerk!

Enough of that, because Cowboy got upset enough for the both of us...we called it what it was and decided to let it go, meet this dumb girl (I so don't like her and so I have many stories coming up about that and the story of why he is no longer with That Baby's Mama), go to bed early and get up early and do it ourselves.

Because in the long run, it's just him and I. No matter what.

Being a girl with the weakest upper body strength ever, I foresaw that Cowboy would have to be patient with me while we moved things like a couch, king size bed and dining table.

He did so good, he was very patient and proud of me when I was able to lift those items. After the move, he kept telling people how good of a job I did :)

And it was rough, too. In between, I'd crack jokes and we had a barrel of fun about it. Knowing me, I still wanted this move to be finished quickly and in an orderly fashion. No matter who bailed on us. This was still top priority. Thank goodness my jokes covered up my bossiness.

All in all - we had fun. And who knew that new furniture would make me so happy!!


littlebrownie said...

I'm glad you survived!

Bev said...

CR1 strikes again! I seriously cannot believe this character.

Props to you for lifting the heavy stuff. Were you sore the next day?

A said...

He brought wine?? What was he thinking? I can understand bringing your new girlfriend when you are helping your friends move... if she is a BODYBUILDER and is going to help, too!

Beth said...