Thursday, February 26

Not Bored

It's so funny now that I don't have a job and I'm back from Phoenix - people have been expecting me to be bored.

Well, I've only been back since last Friday. And I was sick. And Cowboy is home during the day. And we do have a wedding to sort out.

There's no boredom here. Not one bit.

My College Roommate also lost her job around the same time I did. She calls me every morning.

"Whatcha doing?"

I'm always doing something. She always announces that she is bored and tells me to just wait until I've been home awhile, I'll get bored too.

I think she wants me to be bored. I think she wants me in the same boat as her. And dare I say, I think she's envious that I'm not bored.

Everything around here is far from boring. I get up, run, take a shower, get dressed for the day, make a to-do list, start on that to-do list, maybe go to the grocery store or Walgreens, grab the mail and do something that resembles wedding planning. That's my day.

My College Roommate is shocked to hear that there's no television in there.

Yeah, about that. That gets me bored real quick so I'm trying to avoid all the daytime television. Can you believe I haven't seen one episode of Oprah since I've been laid off?
Well, maybe you can since she's not my top person like other people. That reminds me, while I was in Phoenix, my mom had last month's issue of O laying around. I picked it up, got as far as maybe 25 pages and then shut it back down. I just cannot take her, in print - it's like I can hear her pushing through the pages.

Enough on that.

I'm not bored.


Jennifer said...

I was unemployed for 3 months and I was NEVER bored. Same as you, I got up and got on with my day. I gardened, baked, cleaned, organized, read. I would allow myself 1 hour of tv during the day. I went back into the workforce and then 2 weeks later I got engaged. Arghh! I think of all the planning I could have done!

A said...

If I were unemployed right now, I would be scared to death of running out of money, but not at all bored. I have so much to keep me busy!

The last time I was unemployed, though, I was bored silly. Job hunting only took two hours a day, and exercise another hour or two, and I'd only *just* started dating D so I couldn't hang out with him all the time (and I lived in a teeny-tiny studio by myself, so I couldn't even clean that much!)... so I started taking to wasting time online *late* at night so that I could sleep in until later in the day and didn't have as many daylight hours to feel bored in ;).

Bev said...

Now, now, don't be talking about my Oprah like that. J/K.

I'm of the same camp, the Un-Bored camp that is. People always called me when I was unemployed to see if I was bored and I was more often annoyed 'cause they were interrupting the routine I had set for myself. And now that I'm a stay-at-home mom, I'm definitely not bored. I do tire of my surroundings and being in the house all day, but bored, nope, not even close.