Wednesday, February 25


I have gone two weeks without cooking. I am not going to lie, it was niiiice. My mom barely cooks herself, so I was begging her to cook some old time favorites of mine. But, the rest of the time? Oy.

I was living on Buffalo Wild Wings, In-n-Out Burger (actually, I hit them up practically everyday for lunch. We don't have them in Texas so I had to take advantage), Chik-fil-A, Cantina Laredo and the list goes on. Point is, remember I gave up fast food? But my mom doesn't cook and she is one of those that skips dinner. So, I had to make do on my own.

The best part is I didn't gain a pound. Holla!

Then I came back to Dallas and decided to cook some stir-fry up for me and Cowboy.


Is it just me or when you haven't picked up a pot in awhile, all your cooking skills are kind of like, "what do we do here?"

So I cooked and it tasted like crap. I was embarrassed that I cooked it. I should have thrown out the leftovers but when you have no job, blah, blah. I was eating it again for leftovers and it was worse.

It's so hard to get back into a saddle, again.


littlebrownie said...

I so know the feeling. I haven't cooked since I just don't feel like it...

Jessica said...

I have to admit.. i'm hating a little right now. All that fast food and not one extra pound? Get it girl!!
Think about how I'll feel when I start living with hubs again in August. I'll be cooking again after all these months of frozen "health" food. ehhh..

Bev said...

I agree. Definitely not like riding a bike.